Friday, February 17, 2012

MDRnD: World of Starym Post #2

The Spires of Allurmont

In the times of Neutros reign, it is said these spires were erected to enhance his vast powers. Wizards and sorcerers have since sought to gain its powers. Since the public is terrified of wizardry, the community here must remain elusive. Some normal people live amongst those with magic and have come to understand and even enjoy the benefits of such a life. Outsiders fear going to the town. Witch hunters and other hunters of magic users often wait on the road fearing going to the town itself where they will be overwhelmed.

This map is my notes on the first floor of the spires. I wanted to have a magical area where instead of the expected wizards and magic spells, the party would encounter lots of charmed items and constructs.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Stick Is A Sword Post #2

It's been one week! So I now bring to you the next page! Here we see the boy in his imagination.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Seedling Story Post #1

Seedling Story is a infant game project in the beginning of development. Today I will show you all the competeing concepts that have lead to the creation of our protagonist Knutt.

There were a lot of different favorites that just didn't seem to be main character material.

After that fierce competition Knutt is ready for adventure!

Monday, February 13, 2012

PEW! Post #1

This is the poster/cover art I did of EveryWare Game Studio (PEW!)'s first game, Power Defense. The main characters here starting from the left are: Summer Intern, Ace Commander, and The Shadow Daemon Lord. You can check out the website which is still under construction at

Power Defense is a cool twist on the tower defense mechanic – balance power usage by managing the connections between towers, protecting the Power Defense Squad as they salvage the fallen pieces of their space station.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

MDRnD: World of Starym Post #1

After having run a lot of improv based DnD Campaigns that I very much enjoyed, I thought I would try my hand at something a bit more structured. This project has been a great way to test my over all game developing skills (world building, balanced encounters, world economies, and story structure). I hope to share bits and pieces of my development process showcasing a different side of the process each time.

For this first week I would like to show the map of the country in which my PCs have started. "The Kingdom of Cleis" is supposed to represent the part of the world where the government is good and just, where the people are happy. I figured a well off nation with many natural resources would serve as a good starting point for my group of PCs all relativity new to the concept of table top gaming. I will get more into details during different posts but for now have a gander at the map.

Cleis is rich in natural resources that can be used by those with basic skills making it a very profitable nation.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Stick Is A Sword Post #1

Today for my first post of actual work I will show some of the work for "A Stick Is A Sword". Story wise it is about a boy from a world similar to ours where there is still knights and adventure. He has been left home alone and must find a way to cope with his boredom and sadness about his family not being around.
A. Basic thumbnails to the first 3 illustrations in the story. I wanted to push the idea of the main char. in his regualr clothes, and his imagination as a knight with these.

B. I wanted to steer away from the sideways view and went for a 3/4 view of the character. A color comp soon followed. I decided to bring in some more reds for the final to show off his firey spirt.

C. Basic character sketches that i decided to follow up for the final designs. The knight pages were lost to a terrible coffee spill :( .

D. Final cover sketches. I decided to add hair in the final painting to add some more spunk to the character.

E. Super thumbs for the 2nd and 3rd illustartion. I wanted to really show the difference from the real world and the boys mind clearly.

Here are the first two pages of illustrations as they will appear in the book so far:

Front cover image. As stated before I really wanted to show both the boy and his imagination so there would be no confusion later in the story.
Filler page before the title still trying to drive in the idea of the difference in the real world and imagination. The next page will be him in a similar pose but as a confident knight and his stuffed lizard as a trusty companion.

Super Duper Resurrection Blog Mode!

It's been awhile since I've been here to make updates, and I am here to fix that. Currently I am working on quite a few projects and will do my best to update you guys on whats been happening. The projects go as follows:
  • Power Defense ( The awesome DSi Ware game i am working on from PEW! Game Studio.)
  • Seedling Story (A Game project in its infancy).
  • A Stick Is A Sword ( Children's story book for a class I'm taking. Something to focus my personal illustration skills).
  • MDRnD: World of Starym (A completely self made Pathfinder campaign setting (made before I had heard of Skyrim). This focuses a lot on story, economic, and game design).
  • And of course any skill building exercises I decide to take for the week.
I really look forward to showing everyone what I've got!